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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Business Research Ethics

Business Research Ethics
Ethics are important for a multitude of reasons in organizations. Many organizations follow ethical protocols as a way of showing exceptional business practice. Ethics are important in relation to business research. This paper will evaluate a case where unethical business research took place in an organization. The objective is to discuss this case and various key points where some ethical issues were taken into consideration. This article analyzes how an organizations ethics are tested, as they strive for notoriety, and money while making decisions. In terms of unethical research behavior, this specific organization was involved in unethical practices. The organization was a pharmaceutical company that collaborated with a professor to provide necessary research related to medicine for the influenza (Dominick & Wimmer, 2010). During the course of their agreement, the professor was asked to keep his research confidential. The pharmaceutical company mandated that the professor never disclose his findings to any third party. They also worked on the scientist’s research and purposely manipulated figures to skew his results. The company received higher profit based on manipulated numbers and research. They never took into consideration the cost there manipulation had on the public. The pharmaceutical company wanted to control the market with their drug, and take full credit in developing a cure. The executives of this company never wanted the professor to take any credit for his research. The professors finding were different than what the company portrayed. Therefore, they felt they had no obligation to acknowledge his research. The injured parties in relation to the present situation are the patients who suffer from the influenza and the professor who did the research. The pharmaceutical company did not want to provide the benefits of research to developing countries. Developing countries could not afford...
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