Res/320 Week One.

Topics: Insurance, Mutual insurance, Research Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Company Research

Company Research
In this assignment I will describe how the company I work for utilizes research and the ways I believe the research can be more effective. I currently work for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company as a catastrophe property and commercial adjuster. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company believes in multiple ways of research to clarify all aspects of claim volume as well as possible expenses throughout the upcoming year. Researching is utilized as the search for knowledge to possibly establish new possibilities. Liberty Mutual uses these research tools with the best possible practices and has always completed the research with good ethics with being truthful and providing fair information for all parties. The research that is completed is mainly for systematic investigation purposes and for ways to better the working life of each employee. The company has multiple different departments within the company and all of the departments have different types of researches to gain the best possible profits throughout the year. The department I currently work for utilizes research in multiple ways that include surveys, research by employee completed questionnaires, graphs using numbers, and past number graphs. The most used research type would be employee completed questionnaires and surveys. Surveys are used for possible changes that are being attempted by the company to ensure a better working environment for each employee as well as improved benefits. The company will typically send out the survey to all employees by email and request the survey to be completed by a certain date. The survey usually is based on a one to five scale with one being poor and five is strongly agree. The questions are very to the point without explanation of each area. Confidentiality is guaranteed in all surveys and the email that carries the survey explains and ensures confidentiality. The possible ways to make the surveys that are requested for...
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