Res 320 Business Research Applications Paper

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Business Research Applications Paper

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April, 5 2010


This introduction is on the research and analysis of my organization called Citi a global banking and investment firm with operations in more than 100 countries. We will be looking at the organization’s group called Citi Investment Research & Analysis. An organization based in Australia and New Zealand highly regarded with top analysts winning major awards around the globe for their expertise in research on more than 200 companies and globally covering over 3,000 securities in more than 51 countries. We will be looking at their three main components in which they conduct their research: economics, fixed income research, and equities. We will explain what are they currently doing with their departments and make possible suggestions on improving their research that will effectively help their clients and the business.

Citi Research Organization

We will investigate Citi’s research organization with the three main components: Current Research:

1. Economics

The Economics department is a global team of market analysts that provide political and economic coverage of the impact of financial markets around the world. These include daily commentaries of markets from financial experts to special reports for internal use for Citi and their clients. There specialty is to research and cut through the enormous amount of data of information and identify issues that will affect investment decisions around the globe. They work closely with the department’s equity research strategists in findings on macroeconomic

issues and global trends, the department holds a historical database and quantitative systems ranked best in the world and possessing global quantitative researchers based in the five major international markets. New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris advising investors in making investment decisions on risk analysis, portfolio optimization, asset allocation, stock rotation and, derivatives.

2. Fixed Income Research

This department made history on Wall Street when Citi first formed the department of its kind to research the corporate credit market now today an industry market leader. They

specialize in coverage of Australian corporate credits, Australian government and semi-government bonds, and corporate, macro-economic, and international credit research. They work

with the firm’s economists across the globe provide investors with top-grade intelligence of

investments. They are responsible that the information gathered is aggregated from both a

domestic and international source and disseminated providing investors to make crucial and

sound investment decisions.

3. Equities

This is Citi’s largest department involved with information that must be processed to provide a timely pro-active, proprietary, and money-making research idea Citi’s large

investment client base involving both Citi and their recent merger with Morgan Stanley.

With operations in Australia they invest in researching over 200 listed companies representing ninety percent coverage of the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges. They publish

a number of research products from their Portfolio Strategist to economic updates through

individual and company reports in-depth with current market conditions. The department

employs 300 analysts globally covering 2,290 companies worldwide. There claim is that the department receives annually top awards for their research from the investment media for

Citi’s quality of research, accuracy of stock picks and loyal customer service to investment

clients. The goal of the department is having the organization’s analysts have the freedom

to make non-consensus and objective research knowing that their analysts positions are very difficult with constant criticism from the media and investors. The company...
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