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Mrs. BenjaminCP Freshman Language Arts

The Holocaust: A Webquest
All of the questions below either start at the Table of Contents page of the US Holocaust Memorial  Museum's education outreach page or from the topics to study page. You can also navigate the site by clicking the links in the header at the top of the web page or by following the links at the bottom of the web page. Type or paste your answers right on this form, and then put it in my drop box when you’re done.

The Nazi Terror Begins 1) The USHMM website states that tens of thousands of young, unemployed German men  were "lured by the wages, a feeling of comradeship, and the striking uniforms," to join  which organization within the Nazi Party? Give both the English and German terms. ____Nazi Storm Troopers (Sturmabteilungen).________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ Nazi Racism 2) What was Hitler's term for the "master race?" Describe this type of person. __(Aryan)_Blonde, Blue eyed, tall people_______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 3) Other than Jews, what types of German citizens were victims of Nazi racial ideology? ____Gays, _Gypsies, African-German children, Handicapped, mentally ill, deaf & blindMurder of the Disabled4)What is the difference between euthanasia and the word when used in the Nazi context?The word mean painless death but to the Nazi’s it meant clandestine murder program5) On the “Murder of the Disabled” page, click on the “View Photographs” link and then chooseone of the photographs. Describe the photograph, and then describe your reaction to the photograph. Anti-Semitism 6) Define anti-Semitism. How far does it go back? ______________The hatred jew____________________________________________________...
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