Rereading America Intro Response

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Response to Rereading America Introduction
The introduction to the text, Rereading America, challenges us to look beyond the common misconceptions of the “myth” the American dream and to think critically. As far as what I think it means to be an American citizen, there are many things to consider. I believe that to be an American can imply freedom, security, and prosperity to some. To others however, it can mean a struggle to survive. The ideal American dream, no matter your interpretation of the idea, seems simply out of reach for most.

My idea of what it means to be an American is that you are willing to do work. You are not just waiting for things to simply be handed to you on a silver platter. To me, it also means that you can become successful and accomplish the goals you set your mind to. Even though it is not a complete plan to become successful without having to deal with obstacles, I understand the value of hard work. Being an American for me is saying that I can complete any tasks in my future as long as I stay focused and take it step by step. Without hard work in college I will not be as successful in the work place as I would like to be. I understand that nothing will simply be given to me, but that I have to work hard and earn the things I desire. As far as college goes I will have to maintain a certain grade point average to be accepted in the nursing program. This will require a large amount of effort and I will need to acquire the need to continue on my journey of education, which will help me prepare for the real world. Being an American for me means I am willing to strive to meet the requirements or standards for a college student and a person in the work place. With hard work I will eventually achieve success.
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