Requisition and Distribution Flow in the Army

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STandard Army Management Information System
SARSS —Standard Army Retail Supply System
PBUSE —Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced
SAMS-E —Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced
ULLS-A —Unit Level Logistics System-Aviation
SAAS —Standard Army Ammunition System

Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS)
* A Combat Service Support peacetime and wartime logistics system. * Used for the following classes of supply
* Class II
* Class III(P)
* Class IV
* Class VII
* Class IX

* Action: You go to the Company Supply Sergeant for help. * He tells you the item is a Class II item, and he inputs the requisition into PBUSE (Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced) * PBUSE sends the request to the SARSS-1, which is located in the Distribution Company, BSB * SARSS-1 looks at its inventory.

* If item is on hand—Material Release Order
* If not on hand, SARSS-1 queries other local SARSS-1 * If not locally available, requisition is passed up to SARSS 2AC/B * SARSS 2AC/B passes to SARSS-Gateway.
* SARSS-Gateway passes to Source of Supply (Industry/Army Depot)

The LOGPAC technique is a simple, efficient, and most preferred way to accomplish routine replenishment operations LOGPACs are organized in the combined arms battalion support area (CABSA) by the company supply sergeant’s under the supervision of the FSC commander and the distribution platoon leader * Organized for each company/separate element in the battalion * Under the control of the FSC distribution platoon leader * A properly configured LOGPAC contains all the supplies needed to sustain a unit for a specified amount of time. LOGPACs normally occur every 24 hours, but can be changed based on mission or the current situation. * LOGPACs contain: Class I, II, III, and V as well as mail and replacement personnel *...
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