Requisites for Financial Statements Analysis

Topics: Ratio, Financial statements, Euclid's Elements Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Financial Statements Analysis

Fall 2009 Final Case – 15% of final grade

Should be done groups or 2 or 3 (MBAs with MBAs, B Coms with B Coms.)

Due: Wed Dec 2nd at the START of class. Late cases will not be accepted.

Case: Dicom Group plc and Captiva Software Corp. (in the course pack)

Note: Dicom uses U.K. accounting standards and some of the terminology is different. Remember that we looked at the format of an international balance sheet back in Topic 2 Review of Financial Statements.

Assume the role of John Ventura and prepare an analysis of the two companies for Annette Defoe. Your analysis should consider: • The key differences in the terminology, format and presentation of the two sets of financial statements. • An analysis of the effects of the different accounting policies and their effect on your ratio analysis. • A ratio analysis comparing key areas of the companies. • Any business or competitive factors that could affect their performances or appear to affect their performances. • A conclusion and recommendation for Defoe (including a brief explanation of your recommendation)

Format:Double-spaced – printing on both sides of the page is permitted. Length:Written analysis should be 6 – 8 pages long.
Some exhibits may be in addition to that length.
The Executive Summary may be in addition to that length (see below) Font size:Equivalent to Times New Roman 12, or Arial 11.

Executive Summary: The report should have an Executive Summary. An Executive Summary summarizes the content of the paper, if the reader does not have time to read the full report, she could read the Summary and understand: the purpose of the report, what analysis was done, and the conclusions drawn. It is not an introduction. It is less than a page long.

Inclusion of data in the body of the report:
Summaries of the data should be included directly in small tables in the report, or the...
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