Requirements to Be Consider to Start a House of Children

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Question 2#
Which are the main requirements to be considered to start a House of Children? How do you implement them? Answer:
It is not easy to start a house of children. One has to consider so many things before starting it. There are several reasons for why we cannot provide education to the children according to a special system of education. Some of the reasons or the requirements of children are summarized as under: Problem of restrictions:

The natural urges during childhood are universal and every child experiences them. However the behavioral experiences children undergo during sensitive periods may vary from child to child. The children who are more developed may have better and appropriate experiences as compared to those children which are less developed in the same period. Homes are designed according to the adult’s needs, so they cannot fulfill the natural urges of children as the children are being restricted and forbidden by elders to meet their natural urges. Children cannot access anything freely and comfortably. The children need to be at a place which should be scientifically designed for their pattern of development and to satisfy their inner urges. Problem of Complexity and Size:

The furnishing and other fittings are quite bigger in the house as compared to children. There are so many things in the house that attract children and they want to feel touch and explore the use of some objects but they are forbidden because they’ll break things or hurt themselves. This affects the learning and mental capabilities of a child. So it is very necessary to provide a real world according to the size of children which they would be able to explore by themselves and they won’t hear word “NO” many times a day. As Montessori said, “prohibition is prohibition, either sweet or bitter”. Problem of Lack of Occupation:

Children require some activities all the time and many problems can arise if they are not provided with some suitable occupations. Adults...
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