Requirements for a Police Officer

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Requirements for a Police Officer:
First of all you should find out how to be a police officer and what the requirements are from the police force in the area you wish to join. Most law enforcement agencies require applicants to have an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s degree. Business, math, accounting, IT, science and behavioral science courses are important for those who plan on pursuing a career in the police force. It is also an advantage to be fluent in at least one foreign language. Many colleges offer criminal justice programs which are popular among those who wish to be a police officer.

Cops are required to be physically fit. Therefore it is important to participate in college sports to ensure strength and fitness. Some choose to join the military service for a year or two before joining the police force, as this prepares them physically and mentally for the duties of a cop.

Those who are interested in Police Careers will have to undergo background checks. It is important to maintain a clean image and not be involved in any illegal activities. Prospective police officers can submit applications to the police agency or department of their choice, after which they will be required to sit a written civil service examination. Once you have passed the written examination, you will be required to undergo medical and physical tests which cover aspects such as sight, hearing, agility and more. Drug testing will also take place.

If you pass all these examinations and match all the Requirements for a Police Officer, you will be required to attend a police academy for a few months where you will be taught self defense, first aid and how to use firearms. You will learn through classroom and situational based training sessions.

Police Careers:
Police departments usually look after a particular geographical area. This area is further subdivided into patrolling areas and police officers are in charge of particular areas. Officers may patrol these alone or...
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