Requiem for a Dream

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  • Published : December 13, 2005
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Requiem for a Dream

The film that I chose for this paper was "Requiem for a Dream". I know that many people may say that this movie is just a drug movie, but really, it's not at all. I think the director was trying to convey that anything can become a drug. It could be TV, coffee, dope, or even hope. Everything has the potential to become a drug. I chose this particular one because of what a masterpiece of cinema it is. It has spectacular visuals, sound, and mise en scene, but above all, it has a very interesting method of editing that I find very intriguing. When I was watching the film, I was very mesmerized by the way they transitioned a lot of scenes from one to another. The particular scene I am using occurs within the first third of the movie, and characters involved are Marion (played by Jennifer Connelly), Harry (played by Jared Leto), and Sarah (played by Ellen Burstyn). It starts out with Marion and Harry at the beach in Coney Island, Brooklyn, and Harry is telling Marion that he wants to get something for his mother as a gift to show her that he loves her. The scene occurs before the self-imploding downward spiral they all crash in. Really, it is the last scene before they all become severe addicts. The particular part of the scene I wanted to pay careful attention to was the transition between Coney Island beach to Sarah's apartment. It has an astounding montage of sharp visuals paired with sharp sounds. It is then followed by Sarah hopped up on the weight loss pill cleaning her whole apartment furiously. While fast-time montages are relatively common, this one moves with the action. It gives the illusion of real time movement panning, but then it has Sarah working at breakneck speed. I think it shows how she was affected by the drug, as well as shows what happens over time to her.

This sequence is of particular interest because it embodies the editing genius of Darren Aronofsky. The story of the movie is a good one anyway, it...
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