Requiem for a Dream

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Hotaru Nohaka – Grave of the Fireflies

1.What makes the

-The word Requiem is a Latin word meaning a mass for the dead, or music used to accompany a requiem mass. The film Requiem for a dream basically means a mass or song of mourning for a dream that has died. Each character in the film all had dreams for themselves, dreams that were ruined by their drug use.

2.What particular scene stood out in your mind? Why?

-The one that stood out for me was the final moments of the film. Where everything just falls apart, in despair, each character, Harry, Marion, Tyrone, and Sarah all turned to their right side and assumed a fetal position. A symbolic way to end the film, in the darkest moments of their life, they comfort themselves alone through the position much like a child would. Here I saw and felt hopelessness of each character.

3.What is the biggest strength of the film: Soundtrack, Cinematography or Acting? Why?

-For me, it’s the cinematography. The soundtrack is great; I give my props to the Kronos Quartet. The actors were amazing; they did a great job portraying their role. However, the cinematography is one of the most interesting and innovative I’ve seen. The weird camera angles, split screens, quick and repetitive montages, and tedious time lapses made the film all the more jarring and dramatic. As I was watching, these elements affected how I was feeling when I am watching a particular scene like with the quick montages it made me feel on-edge, and impatient. Also for those in-your-face camera shots, I can feel the fear, and anxiety of the character. The cinematography were instrumental in engaging the audience and I think that’s its biggest factor on why the movie is so great.
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