Request of Proposal

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Illawarra High school
Request of Proposal

Establishment of Illawarra High school new campus network

RFP 2012-H1/N3

Table of contents
1. Summary1
2. Purpose, description and objectives1
2.1 Purpose1
2.2 Description1
2.3 Objective2
3. The background of the organisation3
4. Scope of work4
4.1 Discovery5
4.2 Design5
4.3 Development Guidelines5
4.4 Testing6
4.5 Delivery6
4.6 Tracking6
4.7 Maintenance7
5. Timeline7
6. Contract Terms7
7. Budget7
8. Evaluation Criteria8
9. Format of proposal9
9.1 Title page9
9.2 Page Limit9
9.3 Proposal9
9.4 Schedule9
9.5 Experience9
9.6 Staffing9
9.7 Budget and Fees9

1. Summary

Illawarra High School is accepting proposals to design and establish a new advanced campus network for the new campus. This will a concept and blueprint of the complete production. The purpose of this RFP is to provide a fair evaluation for all candidates and to provide the candidates with the evaluation criteria which they will be judged.

2. Purpose, description and objectives

2.1 Purpose

The Illawarra High School currently is constructing their new campus on the southern shore of Lake Illawarra. It is necessary to establish a sound campus network to better reflect the task of Illawarra High School and incorporate the latest network technology. Upon completion of the construction of the campus network, the Illawarra High School will assume full responsibilities for the network maintenance and administration. All hardware, software, and performance quality should meet the requirement of the Illawarra High School.

2.2 Description

Establish a stable and fast campus network which is can meet the requirement of the school mission and easy to maintain. We must develop an advanced network that can support the education requirement for 8 hundred students and staff. The character of campus network is to connect the computers together at different locations based on the communicative protocol. It can provide a wealth of education information and resources. The campus network also has a short distance, less delay, relatively low cost and high transfer rate advantages; its low-protocol is relatively simple, greatly simplifies the control and other issues, which is also easy to implement. The functional role of the campus network is mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

(1) Transmission of information
This is one of the basic functions of campus network; it can be used to impart information between computers and make the computers scattered in different locations in the campus can be centralized control and management. (2) Resources sharing

1. Information resources sharing
Staff and student can use their unique identification to access the campus network and search the information they need online. It can also access the public resources that school provides for the student and staff to use. 2. Hardware sharing

The network plays a role of backup for the whole network, when one of computer in the network broke down. The network can let other computers to process the task. (3) Teaching and learning
From the aspect of teacher, the teacher can make use of computer and network to improve the quality of teaching. The teaching can use multimedia methods to teach the student and upload the learning material on the e-learning platform in order to give students some instructions. On the opposite side, the student can down the learning resources like slides and recommended reading material after the class, if they have some confusion about the knowledge, they can use e-mail to communicate with the lecturer.

2.3 Objective

The objective of the campus network is to establish a sound campus network to accelerate the informatization of the education methods and improve the quality. It is necessary to meet the requirement of the following list: (1)...
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