Request for Proposal

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Read through the whole RFP and change words where needed, ie. change “Your Company” to a company name of your choosing. Add some clip art if you feel the need to. And erase this part before submitting. Request for Proposal for Microsoft Office Software Training

John A. Smith (Your name)
University of Phoenix
ENG/221 Technical Writing
Joseph Johnson (instructor name)

Table of Contents

1. Overview – page 3
a. Introduction page 3
b. Business Goals page 3
2. Scope – page 4
c. Purpose of Request for Proposal page 4
d. Project Goal page 4-5
3. Vendor Information – page 5
e. Desired Qualifications page 5
f. Requirements for Formatting and Submitting Proposals page 5 g. Confidentiality Notice page 5
h. Proposal Evaluation Criteria page 5
i. Timeframe for Vendor Selection page 5
j. Company Contact Information page 5

Your Company is a superior provider of emergency communications and technical consulting to the Federal, State, and County Governments as well as the private industry.

Your Company sets specific goals for success in this business. * Provide the best service to its customers in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. * Mitigate possible future problems to maintain emergency satellite, telecommunication, and radio services to 98% or better. * Quickly identify problem areas and implement effective solutions to meet customer goals. * Consistently provide the best customer service and technical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in any clime and place.

The purpose of this Request for Proposal is find a vendor, with the necessary qualifications that our company desires, to train all personnel within the company to satisfy the administrative requirements set forth by the Chief Executive Officer of the company. PROJECT GOAL

Your Company requires each technician and administrative professional to be proficient in the latest version of Microsoft Office. The goal of this Request for Proposal is to train all 75 employees in the proficient use and application of the Microsoft Office 2010 software within a five week period starting August 1, 2011. To keep with the time hack and ongoing business, training will start at 0800 and end at 1200 from Monday through Thursday every week for five weeks. Instruction will be needed for the following programs within the Microsoft Office 2010 suite: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, and MS Outlook. This is the proposed training schedule: Week| Program| Date| Time| Location|

1| MS Word| 8/1 to 8/4| Mon – Thurs, 0800 – 1200| Building 5 Meeting Room| 2| MS Excel| 8/8 to 8/11| Mon – Thurs, 0800 – 1200| Building 5 Meeting Room| 3| MS PowerPoint| 8/15 to 8/18| Mon – Thurs, 0800 – 1200| Building 5 Meeting Room| 4| MS Access| 8/22 to 8/25| Mon – Thurs, 0800 – 1200| Building 5 Meeting Room| 5| MS Outlook| 8/29 to 9/1| Mon – Thurs, 0800 – 1200| Building 5 Meeting Room|

The maximum budget ceiling is set firm at $2,500 per employee for a total of $187,500. Training must provide employees with working knowledge to practically use each of the software programs requested. Training manuals, reference materials, and training aids must also be included. Vendor must also provide Microsoft certified training materials to each employee for the duration of the class. End of course evaluation must also be administered to ensure training effectiveness of each employee for each course attended. Testing results must be logged and a tabulation of results will be provided to the Contracting Officer as well as the Human Resources Department along with original copies of the test given. The trainer will also issue certificates of completion to each employee completing training at the end of each training evolution....
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