Republic Act 7836 Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994

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Republic Act 7836
Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994
AN ACT TO STRENGTHEN THE REGULATION AND SUPERVISION OF THE PRACTICE OF TEACHING IN THE PHILIPPINES AND PRESCRIBING A LICENSURE EXAMINATION FOR TEACHERS AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. Sec. 17. Issuance of Certificate of Registration and Professional License. — The registration of a professional teacher commences from the date his name is enrolled in the roster of professional teachers. Every registrant who has satisfactorily met all the requirements specified in this Act shall, upon payment of the registration fee, be issued a certificate of registration as a professional teacher bearing the full name of the registrant with serial number and date of issuance signed by the chairman of the Commission and the chairman, vice-chairman, and members of the Board, stamped with the official seal, as evidence that the person named therein is entitled to practice the profession with all the rights and privileges appurtenant thereto. The certificate shall remain in full force and effect until withdrawn, suspended and/or revoked in accordance with law.cralaw A professional license signed by the chairman of the Commission and bearing the registration number and date of issuance thereof and the month of expiry or renewability shall likewise be issued to every registrant who has paid the annual registration fees for three (3) consecutive years. This license shall serve as evidence that the licensee can lawfully practice his profession until the expiration of its validity. Sec. 18. Oath Before Practice. — Every registrant shall be required to take his professional oath before practicing as a professional teacher. Sec. 19. Periodic Merit Examination of Teachers. — To encourage continuing professional growth and development and to provide additional basis for merit promotion, in addition to their performance rating, teachers may take an oral and written examination at least once in five (5) years as basis for merit promotion. In taking this examination, no fee shall be required. Sec. 20. Failure to Pass the Merit Examination. — If a teacher fails to pass the merit examination, he or she shall be allowed to take the examination for a second time. Should he or she fail to pass the merit examination for the second time, then he or she shall be required to take a DECS accredited refresher course or program before being allowed to retake the examination. Failure of any permanent teacher to pass the merit examination shall not, however, be used as a ground for his/her dismissal or demotion. Sec. 21. Incentives. — Teachers who pass the merit examination shall:     (a) Be awarded a diploma of merit by the Board;

    (b) Earn merit points for purposes of promotion in salary or to a higher position or grade level;     (c) Be placed in the priority list for government scholarship; and     (d) Enjoy such other benefits as may be promulgated by the Board. Similar incentives shall be given to teachers who make inventions, develop new methods of teaching, write a book or books and create works of artistic merit.    

Sec. 22. Integration of the Teaching Profession. — The teaching profession shall be integrated into one national organization which shall be recognized by the Board and the Commission as the one and only integrated and accredited association of professional teachers. Upon registration with the Board, every professional teacher shall be encouraged to become a member of the integrated national organization. Those who have been registered with the Board but are not members of the said integrated organization shall be allowed to register as members of the said integrated organization within three (3) years after the effectivity of this Act. Membership in the integrated organization shall not be a bar to membership in other associations of the teaching profession. The professional teachers shall receive the benefits and privileges appurtenant to their membership in the said integrated...
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