Reproductive Health Law

Topics: Management, Corporate governance, Board of directors Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: March 15, 2013

* Executive or Board of Directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization. Other names include board of governors, board of managers, board of regents, board of trustees, and board of visitors. It is often simply referred to as "the board". * International Directors Programme is a unique educational experience that aims to develop more effective directors. Set within an international context, the programme is aimed at current directors who bring specific competences and credibility to the boards on which they serve and at senior executives and professionals preparing themselves for a board mandate and whose contributions will enhance the programme’s learning environment. * The FSC (FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL) International Network Director is responsible for the overall coordination of the FSC international network which is made up of the FSC Regional and National offices and FSC Contact Persons. S/he will be part of the senior management of the FSC Group and will coordinate the work of its different organisations with the FSC international network. *

* A Chief Operating Officer (or Chief Operations Officer; COO) or Director of Operations (or Operations Director) can be one of the highest-ranking executives in an organization and comprises part of the "C-Suite". The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the company,[1] and routinely reports to the highest ranking executive, usually the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).[2] The COO may also carry the title of President which makes him or her the clear number-two in command at the firm, especially if the highest ranking executive is the Chairman and CEO. * A deputy project manager is usually second in charge of a project under the project manager. The deputy's job will vary depending on the size of the business or corporation and the scope of the project, but generally speaking, the deputy is required...
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