Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines

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Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines
Mary Ann A. Maranon

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The study is about the Reproductive Health Bill or the RH Bill that was passed thru the 15th Congress by the Lower House Minority Leader and Albay Representative, Congressman Edcel Lagman. Though majority of the Senators from the Upper House supports the legislation, some are still opposing it. This bill aims to let the common Filipinos prevent cases of abortion and unwanted pregnancy. The importance of this topic is integrating awareness of the current social, political, and legal issues affecting reproductive and sexual health care into clinical practice.

I. Introduction
The Reproductive Health bill (HB 5043) or more commonly known as the RH bill was authored by House Minority Leader and Albay Representative Edcel Lagman during the 15th Congress. Senators Miriam Defensor Santiago & Pia Cayetano co-sponsored the senate’s counterpart version of the Reproductive Health bill, which will be the part of the country’s commitment to international covenants. The House of Representatives Committee on Population and Family Relations consolidated all the House versions of the bill, which is entitled HB 5043: An Act providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population Development last January 31, 2011.

The Reproductive Health bill, as a proposed law,deems for the common Filipino to have universal access to methods of contraception, sexual education and fertility control.

II. Scope and Limitation

The researcher already talked to his teacher to help her interview a person about Reproductive health bill. The researcher must call his teacher if she’s going to Manila for her upcoming tournaments. Unfortunately, the researcher is too busy in her training in preparation for her upcoming tournament. So she doesn’t have time to call his teacher and she almost forgot it at all. The researcher also tried to survey some priests in church to know also their own opinions about the RH bill. The researcher’s plan did not succeed because of her upcoming tournaments, and it has too many conflicts in her time.

III. Review of related Literature

The Reproductive Health bill has drawn opposing opinions coming from the different sectors of the society. There are many people who want to support and propose the RH bill and there are those who strongly oppose it. There are certain people who find themselves wherein they agree on some parts or components of the RH bill but still some people have doubts about it. This conflict causes moral, economic and political problems from the different sectors who want to oppose the Reproductive Health bill. It ends up to debate. The main goal of Reproductive Health bill (RH bill) is to control the unhampered growth of the Philippines population using methods and information on maternal care and birth control. The government is concerned regarding this conflict because of the need for maternal and child health care to help control the population. As part of governments function and its international covenant, it continues to spread information to a wanting public. The Philippinesis one of the countrieswith the fastest growing population in Southeast Asia. Pregnancies in the country, especially the poor are if not always unplanned. The supporters of RH bill claim that the increasing population in the Philippines cannot be ignored anymore. House minority leader Edcel Lagman said that, the Philippine population is growing at a much faster rate than can be sustained by the government.

According also to Lagman - “The Church is supposed to act through the entire people of God and the faithful have not remained silent on this issue and yet are being...
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