Repressed Memories

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  • Published : July 17, 2012
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Repressed Memories

Repressed memories may have been blocked due to ‘repression which is the removal of unwanted experiences into the unconscious because the event was considered too traumatic to recall. These memories can include things from child abuse to witnessing a murder. It’s the impact on the mind so it can cope with what may be too hard for the individual to deal with at that time. Understanding that memory is not a digital recording that provides for a totally accurate replay (Merskey, H. 2010) is often overlooked in the beginning of remembering a repressed memory and also that many different triggers are involved in the recovery of repressed memories. Triggers are another way in which repressed memories are thought to resurface during therapy and/or basically anywhere at any time in the person’s life. A trigger can be in the form of a taste, touch, smell etc. Many times the memory is so spontaneous that it occurs in a flashback, with feelings to strong it as if the person is reliving the moment once again (Seager, W). Psychotherapy is one way in that many can try to force their minds to recall the event more accurately (Seager, W). While most research focuses on whether people remember or forget trauma, repression, however, is a multidimensional construct, which, in addition to the memory aspect, consists of pathogenic effects on adjustment and the unconscious (Merskey, H. 2010). Moreover, since psychoanalysis regards repression as a key factor in accounting for the development and treatment of neurotic disorders, relevant research from these two domains are also taken into account. There are two types of recovered memories: those that gradually return in recovered memory therapy (RMT) and those that are spontaneously recovered outside the context of therapy (Merskey, H. 2010). By having a better understanding of the two types not only benefits a person’s therapist to help the client work through the memories but also they help...
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