Representing My Culture

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Religion Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Cultural diversity is one of the rising globalized terms of today’ s contemporary arena. Every part of the world has its own distinct culture and values. Being an inhabitant of the “ Bursho” ethnic group residing in the great Karakorum Mountains is a unique experience of my life as compared to other ethnic groups living in urban and sub-urban areas of my country. Culture is a collective thing composed of different norms, values, traditions, rituals, knowledge and ideas. Most of the people living around the globe may be captivated while knowing my cultural traits. Every individual is ready to seek and adopt positive cultural trends, educational uplift approach, our communities are really very cooperative that whoever brings or tries to bring positive changes in the social system by adding some new, and by subtracting some, everyone stands in front line. Standard of life not in terms of material culture but most importantly non material culture is flourishing day by day. Populace here wants to acquire standard education, true knowledge, creating new ideas for socio-economic development. Everyone is fully rooted in his traditions, customs, rituals and more importantly ethically very mature culture. I would also like to mention regarding pseudo concepts of terrorism relating to the Muslims and their ancestors, these are misconceptions around the globe which destroyed our credibility in the eyes of some countable westerns, but let me clear it for you that neither we are terrorist nor our religion is forcing us to do so. Islam is a peaceful religion like other peaceful religions of the world. So we have common grounds in religion and in culture and our country men always and will strive for betterment of society, humanity, peace and sustainability is our pride. I would be an excellent representative of my country, because being and educated, sensible, socialworker, peace builder, and as an intellectual, I am contributing to my society not only in any one sector but in...
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