Representations of Britney Spears

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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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Britney nearly dropping her child
In this photo, Britney Spears is shown almost dropping her baby, Sean. This shows that the high maintenance “Queen” is un-fit for a mother as she was seen holding a bottle of water whilst wearing high heels. In my opinion, I believe this is perfect representation of her as she has been known for having a dramatic break down. I also believe that the media producers used this picture show Britney as an un-fit mother and to maybe get the child taken away from her.

Britney’s violent outburst to the paparazzi badgering her. In this photo you can see Britney at a ‘terrible stage in her life. She’s depressed, angry and she has an incredibly shiny head. I believe this picture shows Britney perfectly at this time as she was very much all over the place. The media producers most likely used this image to show that she is a crazy senile woman who is not fit to have responsibility of her own health let alone that of her children.

Young Britney Spears

In this photo, you can tell that compared to the previous photos, Britney Spears once was a young fun loving normal person. I believe she is being represented as a young innocent teen pop sensation. I think the representation is quite fair as at the time, she was an innocent teen pop sensation, unlike how she is now. I also believe that the media producers wanted to show that Britney is a young and beautiful woman with amazing talent.
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