Representational State Transfer and Yahoo

Topics: Representational State Transfer, Facebook, Sociology Pages: 4 (1267 words) Published: April 23, 2013
We’re blowin’ the doors wide open!
Today we’re introducing the Yahoo! Open Strategy (or Y!OS for short), the details behindYahoo!’s big bet to "deliver open, industry-leading platforms that attract the most publishers and developers." Y!OS platforms will harness Yahoo!'s unique strengths – our rich and relevant user experiences (we’re #1 in 7 verticals), our massive audience (half a billion users/month), and our deep data repositories (content, content, content) – and open them to the innovations of the developer community. Our aim: to fundamentally transform how people experience Yahoo!. With Y!OS, we’re moving from a model in which each Yahoo! property develops much of its own technology to one where we share common data and frameworks that can be easily surfaced across multiple Yahoo! properties and off the network. It’s a major rewiring of Yahoo!.

And the good news for developers is that Y!OS will allow you to access to these assets, build applications around them, and then get distribution on Yahoo!’s monumentally popular properties (and/or use them in your own websites). Specifically, Y!OS includes:

A Single Social Platform for Yahoo!
The Social Platform will enable a single social "connective tissue" across all Yahoo! experiences letting users view Yahoo! through a relevant social lens. The Social Platform isn’t yet another social networking vertical from Yahoo!. It's a common social infrastructure that will span all of Yahoo! and the web beyond. We’ll start by collapsing the Y! 360 and Mash connection lists into one social repository (and add a new user interface to it), then we'll take a proactive approach to tapping into the TEN BILLION aggregate relationships in Mail, Messenger, Address Book, and other social areas of Yahoo! to recommend connections to our users. Plus, we’ll begin surfacing users’ profile and connection information throughout Yahoo! as the whole Yahoo! network becomes more social, which will motivate users to activate...
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