Representation of Women in Sweet Sixteen Ken Loach

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Sweet Sixteen – Ken Loach (2002)

Representation of women

Jean (mother) seems to be weak and afraid of Stan and this isn’t very good because she isn’t a good role model for Liam, and Liam needs the mother figure and support because of the atmosphere he is exposed to in Scotland.

However Chantelle (sister) seems to come across as a better role model for Liam and more of the mother figure because she is moving on and wants a better life for Liam and her son she’s doing this by studying and getting a job, she also comes across as being the mother figure because she’s regularly cleaning up Liam’s wounds.

Chantelle is a complete contrast to her mum. Chantelle also gives Liam responsibilities which make him feel more wanted and has that little support that he needs in his life.

Suzanne seems to come from a better background, the audience picks up on this because when Suzanne is with Chantelle her mum is always ringing and checking up on her and asking her whereabouts ant his shows a kind of bond between them which is quite lovely. The women in this film overall don’t seem to be respected in my opinion because for example Jean is almost terrorised by Stan, and it shows as if the women don’t have any control and have no power and are just used like sheep.


The film is set in an ‘urban deprivation’ and social housing estates. This conveys that the people living there are mostly the criminal underclasses, who are most likely to be trapped, and have no means or support to get out and live in a better atmosphere and live a happier life.

We see that gets driven to the prison with Stan and granddad, they go through the countryside and this just contrasts to where Liam lives, there was sense of freedom in the countryside however Liam was trapped in a car and this shows that he is trapped in that criminal lead life, but passing through the countryside can mean that there is an escape BUT it leads to prison therefore this is a big contradiction....
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