Representation of Sydney

Topics: Sydney, Anthropomorphism, Bondi Beach, New South Wales Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Good Afternoon teachers and fellow students. The poem Changing Patterns in the Avifauna of Sydney by John Carey and Bondi by Robert Gray will show two very different perspective of Sydney. As Bondi being one of the most iconic landmarks in the country will exhibit how people treat such and beautiful place and Changing Patterns in the Avifauna of Sydney will demonstrate how people act in the city of Sydney.

Robert Gray‘s poem Bondi uses a ceaseless amount of commas to describe this tourist phenomenon. “These are garbage bins left lying about, empty milk bottles on marble steps, always snail-dribble across the concrete, to the crushed snail shells”. The enjambment mixed with cacophony effectively pulls the reader along from one line to the next as the poem establishes a fast paced rhythm. This enforces the trend of thought to continue Gray‘s descriptive language of how one moment leads to the next in Bondi. This shows how people have no respect for the lovely landmark of Australia as they are treating it as there own garbage bin. John Carey’s poem can be portrayed metaphorically as the word bird is personified to be a human. The repetition of the word “bird” is used three times at the beginning of the first three lines to emphasise that humans are highly populated and dominate in society. This is true to Sydney as it is very dense with a population and this characteristic will only continue to grow.

The repetition that Gray provides with the words “around” and “swings” are an example of the continues flow in motion of the Bondi’s waves, which barrel in with crisp splashes. The repetition is there to remind the reader that every day something new happens in Bondi, but Bondi will repeatedly be the same as the waves will continue crashing the sand banks no matter what is occurring.

The continues human characteristics that Carey exhibits in the poem such as “pushy”, “loud”, “whingeing”, “earning” and “deserve” regenerates indication of personification...
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