Representation of Gender in Bliss

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Explore how gender is represented in ‘Bliss’

Bliss is targeted at teenage girls. The front cover of the magazine expresses this gender stereotype. An important stage in life is being a teenager. At this point in life, you start forming your own identity and it is hard to do when teenagers are immediately stereotyped and labelled. In particular, teenage girls are portrayed as either sweet and innocent or aggressive and acting too mature for their age. Teenage girls are perceived as being heavily involved in sex from a young age. The film ‘Cruel Intentions’ enforces this idea and encourages teenage girls to grow up fast and act beyond their age – the magazine ‘Bliss’ also encourages this. All teenagers suffer from these harsh stereotypes and compared to ‘Cruel Intentions’ the film ‘My Summer of Love’ shows teenagers trying to break away from these labels. From all the negativity that is being expressed by the older members of society towards the younger, teenagers look to magazines such as ‘Bliss’ for inspiration on how they should look and act. Firstly the title of the magazine ‘Bliss’ appears at the top of the magazine in a big, bold font and in the colour red to make it more vibrant as it is the first thing you pick up on. Its font is Sans serif which is straightforward and informal so the reader will relate to it more. Also, the actual word ‘Bliss’ means a state of perfect happiness so this is implying that the reader will be happy if they read this magazine. ‘Bliss’ is also a name you expect as it reminds the reader of something glamorous or girly which attracts the female stereotype of the girly teenager.

In the centre of the cover is a photograph of Taylor Swift who is considered a popular role model among teenage girls. She wears red lipstick which fits in with the colour scheme of the cover (red). The dress she is wearing is in metallic silver and this is in contrast to the red and blue colours to make her stand out more. All the text is framed...
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