Representation of Fitzgerald's Life in The Great Gatsby

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: April 19, 2013
The Great Gatsby-Essay 1

The Great Gatsby is a fictional, autobiographic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald at the time of Jazz Age during the life of extravagance, envy, and murder. This made Fitzgerald’s third published novel of his time and is known as the ultimate triumph of his career. He would be fulfilled to know that his novel transcended into what he had anticipated out of his third publication. As reported in the introduction of the book itself, Fitzgerald wanted the novel to be a “consciously artistic achievement” (VII-Introduction). The story is based around the mysteriously, wealthy, Jay Gatsby and his love for the breath taking Daisy Buchanan. The narrator, Nick Caraway is Gatsby’s neighbor, who appears to be caught within the drama amongst the characters. The foremost setting of the story is found in East and West Egg, Long Island, New York. The West Egg is the home of “Old Money” or those who have inherited their riches, while East Egg is the home of “New Money” and Fitzgerald makes it very apparent the differences between the two towns of Long Island, New York. One could consider Fitzgerald’s most prized work of art as a fictional, autobiographical novel simply for the reason that during the time spent studying Fitzgerald and reading his novel, The Great Gatsby, it became apparent that Fitzgerald made quite a few references and compared his life with those of the characters. The novel is basically referring to his life with Zelda and all the mishaps that came along with it. Two of the main characters, Tom and Daisy Buchanan, represent Zelda and himself and is quite obvious if one has studied Fitzgerald. Also, a quite obvious representation between Fitzgerald’s life and those of the characters in The Great Gatsby is Gatsby’s love for Daisy. There are enough representations found within this novel that one could say that it is an indirect autobiography of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The life of the Buchanan’s and Fitzgerald’s could be...
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