Reports Om Establishment of Slb

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A workshop on establishment of Student Leaders Board (SLB) in schools of Johor was held on 18th February 2012 at SMK Tasek Utara, Johor Bahru. The main purpose of the occasion was to expose the Johor Student Leaders Council and Student Leaders Board to all interested secondary schools in Johor State in line with the operation of the internationalization program for the schools in Johor.


1. To understand more about the aim and intention on the establishment of a Student Leaders Board in school and also the guidelines.

3. Help the future leaders that came from different schools to exchange ideas, initiatives and visions on the international platform assisted them to be leaders with glocal thinking.

4. Help the students to communicate well with others and to improve their presentation and teamwork skills.

Head trainer of JSLC had urged the students to apply and take part in Student Leaders Board and then Johor Student Leaders Council as they will benefit in school and future career.

With the establishment of SLB, they will be role models to other students in sense of creativity and critical thinking with also wise personalities.

The knowledge and information that is shared in the workshop can be use and help to provide guidance to produce credible leaders for the future. This program had successfully inculcate a sense of leadership amongst students all around Johor. Through this workshop, students have opened their mind about the establishment of SLB.
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