Reporting Policy

Topics: Safety, Accident, Injury Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: February 18, 2012
Policies and procedures in response to accidents, incidents and emergencies and illness.

POLICY – We follow the guidelines in reporting injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR) for reporting of accidents and incidents

Accident book: is kept safely and accessibly;
Is accessible to staff and volunteers, who know how to complete it; and it Is reviewed at least half termly to identify any potential or actual hazards. All accidents recorded are shown to the parent on collection of the child involved , parents read ,sign and date the form . The form is also signed by the staff member who witnessed the accident and also the manager Ofsted is notified of any injury requiring treatment by a general practitioner or hospital doctor, or the death of a child. When there is any injury requiring general practitioner or hospital treatment to a child, parent, volunteer or visitor or where there is death of a child or adult on the premises, we make a report to the health and safety executives using the format for the Reporting of injuries , Diseases and Dangerous occurrences. Dealing with incidents

We meet our legal requirements for the safety of our employees by complaining with RIDDOR (the reporting of injury, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations). We report to the health and safety executive. * Any accident to a member of staff requiring treatment by a general practitioner or hospital; and * Any dangerous occurrences. This may be an event that causes injury or fatalities or an event that does not cause an accident but could have done, such as a gas leak. * Any dangerous occurrences are recorded in our incident book. See below Information for reporting the incident to health and safety officer is detailed in the pre-school learning alliances accident record publication.

Our incident book;
* We have ready access to telephone numbers for emergency services, including local police. Where we are responsible for the...
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