Report Writing

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B.2. Report writing & Factual Description

Report Writing

A report can be written for a news paper or a magazine. In a report an event, which can be a planned one, an accident or a natural calamity, is reported.

1) Classification of report

Foreseen (Planned)Unforeseen ( Unplanned) -accident
-building collapse
-fire in a shop
-terrorist attack
- robbery
2)School based activities
3)Social organization and its activities
4) Factual description on any object place, or person
5)Process writing

Essentials of writing reports

1)Appropriate form of language
2)Past passive and past tense should be used while writing
3)Logical development of ideas
4)Factual description & process writing should be in present tense. 5)Report should be brief and clear
6)It should have a title date place of origin, time and name of the reporter

Marking scheme
Formal1 Mark
Expression5 Marks
Content4 Marks

Guidelines for writing an effective report

(i) Give a suitable attention-grabbing heading/preferably in the passive voice) (ii) Under the heading write the reporter’s name/ Designation. (iii)Write the date and name of the city if you are writing the report for a newspaper. Begin with-when, what happened, where

(iv) Next (preferably in the second paragraph) give details of the event. Also, quote a statement made by an eyewitness. (v) Conclude (preferably in the third paragraph ) with the reaction of the people/ victims/ spectators/officials- whichever is appropriate.

Note: Remember to use the correct tense. For an event that is already over, use the past/ past perfect tense. For an event which is still continuing use the present continuous tense. For situations expected in the future use the future tense.

Value Points of Reports:

(a) Accident/ calamity / disease outbreak/ robbery
1.Catchy headlines- expansion of headlines in the first sentence itself is highlighting what/when/where. 2.Give reasons, if any
3.Details in brief
4.eyewitness account
5.casualties damage etc (if any)
6.action taken, relief measures (if applicable)
(b) Cultural/sports events
1.Occasion/organizer / sponsor etc
2.Date, venue, time
3.Chief guest / special invitees
4.Objectives & main highlights of the programme
5.Prize distribution
6.Message by the chief guest of thanks
8.Over all response.

(c) Competitions
1. Occasion/organizer / sponsor etc
2. Date, venue, time
3. Name of the competition, level, topic etc.
4. Participations
5. Inaugural ceremony/welcome
6. Chief Guest, judges etc
7. Highlights related to performances, result etc
8. Prize distribution
9. Special remarks, if any
10. Vote of thanks

(d) Workshop / seminar /Talk
1. What, by whom, for whom
2. Date, venue, duration
3. Guest speaker, panel of experts
4. Chief Guest, invitees
5. Activities undertaken
6. Aids used- audio visual, charts, documentary, films etc.
7. Literary or field activities, if any
8. Interactive session including question-answers
9. Experts comments
10. over all effect

(e) Rally/ campaign
1. What/by whom
2. Duration venue, places covered
3. Objectives/ motto
4. Activities undertaken
5. Any display / educational material used: eg. Placard, banner, pamphlet etc.
6. over all success
(f) Camp/ visit /exhibition
1. Place, destination
2. Organizer, sponsor (if any)
3. Duration, date etc.
4. No. of persons/ visitors etc.
5. Description:
(i) Theme of exhibition, type
(ii) Places of sight seeing, food, scenic beauty etc.
(iii) Purpose & nature of camp, activities undertaken
6. over all response

Sample 1:

Q. Five persons including two women and two children died when the car skidded and fell into a pond near Noorpur village adjoining the road. The pond was so deep that the car completely drowned into...
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