Report: Vocational Training at Kanti Bijlee Utpadan Nigam Limited

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  • Published : July 12, 2012
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Kanti Bijlee Utpadan Nigam Limited .
(A Joint Venture Of NTPC Ltd. & BSEB)
Kanti , Muzaffarpur.

FROM 10/06/2011 TO 23/06/2011

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I am highly indebted to HOD of C& I Department, all faculty members of department for providing me an opportunity to have practical exposure at KBUNL/MTPS Kanti (Joint venture of NTPC Ltd & BSEB)

I express my sincere thanks to Sh. P Debnath (DGM, C&I) and Sh. K C Maharana (Sr.Supdt, C&I) for giving me an opportunity to take such valuable vacational training in his department.

I also pay my sincere gratitude to Sh. Anil kumar (Engr,C&I) , Sh.J P Kushwaha (Engr,C&I) , Sh. Anjani Kr Verma (Engr,C&I) & Sh. R N Verma (Engr,C&I) for their continuous assistance, guidence and valuable suggestions .

Last but not the least I am also thankful to Sh. Arun Kr Singh for his contribution.

My special thanks to HR deptt for faciliating me to impart training at this project.

Submitted by: Mrinal B.E (Electronics & Comm. Engg.) ‘VI’ th Semester Roll No.-0834090746 Annamalai University (Tamilnadu)


Any thermal power plant is converting the chemical energy of fossil fuel (coal) into electrical energy. The process involved for this conversion is based upon the Modified Rankine Cycle. The major components that are used to accomplish the modified rankine cycle are Boiler feed pump,

The steam generator water walls (evaporator),
Steam generator super heaters,
Steam turbine,
Regenerative feed heaters etc.

All components of a power generating cycle are vital and critical in operation. In Modified Rankin Cycle, the two most important aspects that is added are reheating & regenerative heating. By reheating we used to send the steam coming from exhaust of the turbines back to the reheater of the boiler so that its enthalpy increases and more work can be done by this steam the other purpose is to make steam dry so that no harm will be done to the blades of the turbine.

In MTPS Kanti, we have three turbines in Tandem coupling namely one H.P Turbine, one I.P Turbine & one L.P Turbine coupled with the generator to which is synchronized with the grid to produce electricity at 50Hz.

In all my modesty, I wish to record here that a sincere attempt has been made for the presentation of this project report. I also trust that this study will not only prove to be of academic interest but also will be able to provide an insight into the area of technical management.


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01An Over View-6-
02Process of Generation of Electricity -9-
03Light Up Process -11-
04Milling System-11-
05Main Boiler Components-13-
06Electrostatic Precipitator -17-
07Air Heaters-17-
08Types of Fan-18-...
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