Report: Verb and Transitive Verb Facts

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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account of something: an account of an event, situation, or episode 2. news item: an account of news presented by a journalist, in a print or broadcast medium 3. document giving information: a document that gives information about an investigation or a piece of research, often put together by a group of people working together 4. unconfirmed account: a widely-known account of something that may be true but has not been confirmed "Report had it that the company was approaching bankruptcy." 5. business periodic statement of company's finances: a detailed periodic account of a company's activities, financial condition, and prospects that is made available to stockholders and investors "a quarterly report"

6. U.K. education
Same as report card
7. sharp loud noise: a very sharp loud noise, especially that of an explosion or gunshot 8. reputation: reputation or perceived character
1. law accounts of court cases: written accounts of a court's adjudication, summarizing arguments and findings [ 14th century. Via French < Latin reportare "carry back" < portare "carry" ] re·port·a·ble ADJECTIVE

Synonyms: tale, statement, description, testimony, story, account, chronicle, narrative, version Synonyms: loud noise, bang, boom, crash, explosion, shot, noise, echo VERB
Synonyms: give an account, state, describe, give details, testify, convey, inform, recount, tell, relate, narrate Synonyms: show up, arrive, check in, register, present yourself, turn up Translations

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1. noun (account) informe masculine

by journalist reportaje masculine

2. transitive verb facts informar

to authorities informar de, dar parte de

report a person to the police denunciar a alguien a la policía

he is reported to be in Washington se dice que está en Washington

3. intransitive verb of journalist informar

(present oneself) presentarse (to ante)
1. noun (account ) resoconto masculine

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