Report-Socioeconomically Disadvantaged

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Legal and social definition of specific group
Social definition: The socioeconomically disadvantaged are those people or families who lack sufficient income to obtain adequate health services, food, housing and clothing that the rest of the society can afford.

Legal definition: Many research show that people and groups who are socioeconomically disadvantaged have reduced life expectancy, premature mortality, increased disease incidence and prevalence, increased biological and behavioral risk factors for ill health, and lower overall health status.

Identify groups characteristics
The socioeconomically disadvantaged are those people or families who lack sufficient income to obtain adequate health services, food, housing and clothing that the rest of the society can afford. * Disability

* Unemployed
* Social
* Security
* Illness
* Living in a remote area
* Aged
* Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
* Rural family, Sole parents

Specific needs of the group

Need| Examples of need| Reason Why|
Access to Service| -Need government welfare system such as mission | Because they may not be able to afford services such as Telephone, car hence they use phone & transport| Self EsteemThis group is faced with never having enough money to go around and is constantly faced with undesirable choices.| -Feel worthwhile member of society-Contribute to a more positive frame of mind| -Being poor can make people feel undervalued and deprived of dignity and opportunities to realise their potential.-Depress, nervous tension| Education Socioeconomically disadvantaged people need to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in identifying and accessing resources, also need problem-solving in managing their own unique situation.| -Financial Austudy payment and youth allowance, higher paid employment| To help them seek education and continue their tertiary studies. To contribute to a better economic future.| HousingHousing plays an important role in the lives of everyone. It is a place let people relaxing and interacting with their family.| -Priority assistance policy-Emergency temporary accommodation policy| -limited money cannot afford this-In overcrowded condition, homes that need repair or have little security, or have no place to call home.| Safety & Security| -Employment assistance-Income support| -Feel physically and financially unsafe and insecure.-No income security as a result of poor education and lack of employment prospects.| Sense of identity| -Financial support-Community support| Lack of money, employment and adequate living condition.| Employment| -Genuine additional employment assistance. E.g. Commonwealth government, personal support programs, job network program, literacy & Numeracy training, Counseling & Centrelink| -To financial stable them. Because of the limited skills they have higher rates of poverty.| Financial SupportIts purpose is to ensure people who are unemployed have enough income and participate in activities designed to increase their chance of finding work.| Government support, network such as Youth allowance, New short allowance, mature age allowance, age pension, Charity organization. E.g. Family, friends.| -They can become credit victims when insufficient income forces then to acquire credit for necessary items-living below the poverty line as the payments do not always keep up with rising cost.|

Government policies and regulations
* Youth allowance: Centrelink is an Australian Government statutory agency, delivering a range of Commonwealth services to the Australian community. Centrelink helps people who are in different need of commonwealth service. Youth allowance is one of service by Centrelink and delivering service to assist young people who is studying, independent, move from home or looking for the jobs. These socioeconomically disadvantaged people can get better life when they under those...
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