Report: Same Sex Families

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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Same Sex Families.

Although same sex relationships have been present for quite a while, it is only recently with the contemporary age around twenty years or so that same sex families have begun to spring up. A same sex family consist of two people of the same sex whether it may be male or female sharing an intimate relationship and may also consist of a child. In many cases especially lesbian type relationship many of the children are from previous relationships and thus they may form a re-constituted family because the new family may also want to adopt another child, or in many cases find someone who is willing to have sexual intercourse with the ‘female’ in the relationship for the sole purpose of providing a child.

It is only within some countries that the Governments around the world have recently begun to allow these types of marriage, Netherlands being the first in 2001. Although many governments have followed that trend in recent times, others tend to ask the question “What about the child?” Whilst they may allow the marriage, adopting becomes problematic. In that the legal system would put in place so many obstacles that the family is forced to succumb to the system. This happens in many cases especially where the family consist of two males, since it is the belief of many that the child needs to get the ‘nurturing’ of a woman, so the men are denied the privilege to adopt. However, if any of the men have a child from a previous relationship and was given full custody of the child, then the presiding judge would now rethink the status and may schedule a new hearing to reconsider the placement of the child. This comes about because the judge may now take into consideration the risk that the child is placed in.

Social problems can be found within any type of family, regardless of the type/components, however the child/children still remains the most important aspect, as they are the future of society. Many of these families tend to fall under...
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