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In the past 10 years, the term „Going Green” gains not only public and media attention but also encourages companies and business to change their ways of running. The question you would probably ask now is why? Lets first concentrate on this simple question, what is going green? Going green is the idea of change which would influence in decreasing pollution saving animals and overall our planet. The environment awareness keeps on growing and growing every single year. Now lets concentrate on „why?”. An ordinary person, lets say his name is Ben, heard about the concept of going green, he liked the idea and he tries to change a little bit his daily routine. Ben doesn't want to flip his life around a idea, but he tries to save energy, water maybe recycle from time to time. It makes him feel good about himself. What he doesn't realise  is that by changing his way of thinking and acting he just became a part of one of the highest growing markets. Over 80% of people go green each year. Not everyone will keep on doing it. Lets take a random European country, Poland. Poland has over 40 million citizen's, 32 million decide on going green, more than half of it drops down and doesn't continue, we are left with 12-16 million,  22% of these people can afford a stay in a 4-5 star hotel, resort, now we are left with 3,3 million. Now answer yourself a question, when Ben goes on holidays with his withe to another city in Poland, which Hotel would he chose? The one that didn't turn green, but still is a really good hotel with a nice view at the city or a hotel that supports his way of life and will make him feel better about himself. Its 3,3 million individuals which would probably pick the hotel that decided to change a little bit the ways of running. Going green is not only an advertised way of helping mother earth but can also can become a competitive advantage.  

Can become a money saving opportunity. Microsoft proved that turning...
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