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We think if any of us honestly reflects on who we are, how we got here, what we think we might do well, and so forth, we discover a debt to others that spans written history. Some person’s help can make our work easier. The credit goes to the employees from Yellow (Beximco) for which our term paper working became much easier and it was great chance for us to work on this. First of all, we would like to thank our course instructor ................. for his guidance throughout the whole semester. Then we would like to thank all the employees for providing us the information about Yellow (Beximco) that was required for completion of this term paper.

1.      Table of Content

Topic| Page|
2.      Executive Summary | 1|
3.      Objectives| 1-2|
4.      Methodology| 6|
5.      Strength and weakness| 7|
6.      Strength and weakness of the product| 7-8|
7.      Factors influencing consumers buying pattern| 8-12| 8.      Buying decision process| 12-13|
9.      Marketing Mix| 14-15|
10. promotion| 15|
11. data analysis and interpretation| 16-18|
12. recommendations| 18|
13. Conclusion| 19|

Executive Summery

The main purpose of the project was to determine the market value or demand of stylish clothing in Modern Trade of Bangladesh where Yellow (Beximco) is quite famous. Company sale do not reveal how well the company is performing relative to competitors. To access the relative performance, market share analysis is done. The company’s overall market demand is its sales expressed as a percentage of total market sales. The company has opened YELLOW outlets at Gulshan Avenue, Bashundhara City and Dhanmondi in Dhaka. YELLOW received an overwhelming response from the consumers when Beximco Textiles first opened an outlet in Bashundhra, company executives said. "Because of their affordable price range and fashionable, high quality garments, customers flocked to buy our products," said Beximco Textiles chief executive officer and Beximco Group director Syed Naved Husain. Beximco plans to open more retail outlets in Sylhet and Chittagong and to eventually take its exclusive YELLOW brand worldwide.


Yellow is one of the largest clothing stores in Bangladesh. The store is very popular among the present and young generation for unique collection of designs, specially panjabis and shirts for men and maintains the modern fashion trend. The quality of its product is extremely good as it has been successful to keep old customers always coming. The name YELLOW, itself has now become a distinct clothing brand in Bangladesh and the credit goes to its exclusive collection and comfortable products.

Objective of the study
1.      We have tried to introduce the product and the company from which it belongs. 2.      SWOT analysis of the brand from an image perspective. 3.      Strengths and Weaknesses of the product or service. 4.      Through SWOT analysis and creating a Marketing Memo we tried to figure out the company side and the customer side. Secondary:

1.      How the buying pattern is influenced of consumers including cultural factor, social factor, personal factor, psychological factor, buying decision process and defined the marketing mix. 2.      By doing above all the things we tried to explain the company’s marketing activity, marketing implementation. 3.      Elaborating all the information tried to clarify how the product is produced, what are the steps they follow to enhance the production activity, how they handle their threats and opportunities and interpreted the whole data we analyzed.    

Methodology of the Study:

        Primary Sources :

As being  a design driven brand that celebrates creative and original thinking to highlight a lighthearted and optimistic view of life through a superior quality product. They inspired by their customers, Unconventional yet high-quality. Progressive yet tastefully...
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