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Topics: Bank, Finance, Money Pages: 60 (12561 words) Published: December 16, 2011
Executive Summary

UBL is the second largest bank of Pakistan with assets of over Rs. 550 billion and a solid track record of forty six years - in addition to the convenience of over 1400 branches serving its customers throughout the country and also at several overseas locations.

In this 8 weeks internship program I have worked in Regional Credit Administration Departments (MIS section, Processing section, Documentation section) of this high class bank of Pakistan where I have learned about banking from experienced managers running these sections.

During my internship I have found that in banking sector concentration and consistency is of utmost importance. Your little mistake can create a big problem. I have been worked in credit administration department for eight weeks, two weeks in Processing section, two weeks in Documentation section and four weeks in MIS section.

This report contains the information and learning about UBL that I learnt during the 8 weeks internship period in United Bank limited. This report deals with Credit Administration Department in which I worked.

Recognizing the need of Islamic banking, UBL also provided number of Islamic banking services like Islamic Deposit Schemes and Islamic Fund Based Facilities.

At the end of the report, on basis of my observation during internship, financial analysis and SWOT analysis of UBL is provided. Suggestions are also recommended as per learning from analysis. This report will provide a better and brief learning about United Bank Limited.

Background of Organization


History of Banking

“Bank is a pipeline through which currency moves into and out of circulation.” Bank accepts deposits and repays cash to its customers on their demand. The Bank borrows money at a lesser rate of interest and lends it to the borrowers at a higher rate. It is thus a profit-lending concern. Bank cannot lend all the money that has been deposited with it. It has to keep a certain portion of the total deposits in cash with them in order to meet the cash requirements of the individuals and business concern.

Banking History
Word Bank is said to be derived from the words Banc us or Banque or Bank. The history of banking is traced to as early as 2000 BC. The priests in Greece used to keep

money and valuables of the people in temples. These priests thus acted as financial agents. The origin of banking is also traced to early goldsmiths. They used to keep strong safes for storing the money and valuables of the people. The persons who had surplus money found it safe and convenient to deposit their valuables with them. The FIRST STAGE in the development of modern banking, thus, was the accepting of deposits of cash from those persons who had surplus money with them. The goldsmiths used to issue receipts for the money deposited with them. These receipts began to pass from hand to hand in settlement of transactions because people had confidence in the integrity and solvency of goldsmiths. When it was found that these receipts were drawn in such a way that it entitles any holder to claim the specified amount of money from goldsmiths. A depositor who is to make the payments may now get the money in cash from goldsmiths or pay over the receipt to the creditor. These receipts were the earlier bank notes. The SECOND STAGE in development of banking thus was the issue of bank notes.

The goldsmiths soon discovered that all the people who had deposited money with them did not come to withdraw their funds in cash. They found that only a few persons presented the receipt for encashment during a given period of time. They also found that most of the money deposited with was lying idle. At the same time, they found that they were being constantly requested for loan on good security. They thought it profitable to lend at least some of the money deposited with them too the needy persons. This proved quite a profitable business for the goldsmiths. They instead of...
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