Report on Training and Development in Jamuna Bank

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Training & Development of Jamuna Bank Limited

Prepared for
Dr. Zahed Husain Sikder
Department of Business Administration
American International University-Bangladesh

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1.Atonu chakrobartty………….. 10-93783-2
2.Md. Hasanuzzaman…………..
3.Md.Rashed Kaiser riad……….
4.Ashis mojumder………………
5.Limen das……………………..


Successful completion of any course requires support from various persons. We are grateful to them for giving me valuable advises and suggestions to complete the whole in a right manner. We have been fortunate to get the guidance and supervision of our Professor, Jamuna Bank Officers and others.

We want to express my deep sense of gratitude and sincere appreciation to our Course instructor Dr. Zahed Husain Sikder , Professor, Department of Business Administration, American International University-Bangladesh for his stimulating inspiration, astute guidance, valuable suggestion and sagacious advice’s, whole-hearted supervision to us during the guidance and special supervision during our work.

We would like to convey my thanks to M.Hasan Ali, Executive Vice President of Jamuna Bank Limited and gratefulness to Belayat Hossain, Senior Vice Prisident of Jamuna Bank Limited & Md. Mofazzal Hossain, Manager, Nayabazar Branch of Jamuna Bank Limited.


Training and development is a vital part of HRM and is incomplete without proper performance management. The article discusses the training and development in detail as practiced at Jamuna Bank Ltd. in Bangladesh. It is conducted in four steps. In our report we used both primary data & secondary data to how the comprehensive training & development program of Jamuna Bank Ltd. First Training need analysis is done where the existing skills and knowledge of employees are evaluated and then training requirements are assessed. Then in the second step appropriate program is designed to fulfill the training requirements and in the third step that training is conducted. In the fourth and last step the employees are again evaluated to check the effectiveness of the program. The training program is usually divided into several parts. In the first past employee is given orientation of the bank and the job. This is called induction training. In the second part, employee is given job specific training. The paper then discusses the problems faced by Jamuna Bank Ltd & recommendation for overcoming the training & development related problems. Also the relationship between training and development is discussed. In the end the paper highlights that evaluation of training program should coordinate with training and development of Jamuna Bank Ltd.


1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Statement of the Problem 2
3.0 Rationale of the Study 3
4.0 Importance of Training and Development 4
5.0 Objectives of the Study 6
5.1) Primary Objectives 6
5.2) Secondary Objectives 6
6.0 Scope & Methodology 7
7.0 Sources of Data 7
7.1) Primary Data 7
7.2) Secondary Data 8
8.0 Limitations of the Study 8
9.0 Corporate Profile of Jamuna Bank Limited 9
10.0 Role of Various Department of JBL 10
10.1) Operation of JBL 10
10.1.1) Investment Department 11
10.1.2) Financial Administration Department 11
10.1.3) General Banking Department 12
10.1.4) Marketing Department 12
10.1.5) cHuman Resource Department 13
11.0 Training institutes of Jamuna Bank Limited 14
11.1) Objectives of Training Institutes of Jamuna Bank Ltd 14 11.2) Course summary for the year 2006 15
11.3) Human resource development 16
12.0 Analysis & Findings of the Study 17
12.1) Need assessment of Training & Development at Jamuna Bank Ltd 17 12.2) Personal analysis 17
12.3) Organizational Analysis 17
12.4) Analysis of Job Requirement 17
12.5) Performance appraisal 17
12.6) Ensuring employees’ readiness for training 18
12.7) Creating a learning environment 18
12.8) Transfer of training 18
12.8.1) On the job training 18
12.8.1) Off the job training 19
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