Report on Toyota Plant Visit

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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Three aspects about TPS witnessed during the plant visit:
1. Just-in-time production system: this concept is used in TPS where they produce only based on the order received and their level of inventory is limited. Once the inventory is over the next batch of stock is replaced simultaneously they order for the next stock. Every 2.36 minutes 1 unit is produced. The process is very fast and much organised. They have skilled employees who are very well trained which improve their quality and production. They have limited number of suppliers who deliver the stock on time whenever the order is placed. There is no lead time involved in this process. 2. Jidoka: This is improving their quality in the production system by empowering their employees. Proper training and trust among the employees are very much present in the plant. The employees are also rewarded for providing ideas which encourages them to perform better. They are various inspections after each process whenever there is defect it is rectified immediately and only then sent to the next process. There is final inspection before test drive if there is any fault it is sent for fixing the error. Every process is in order in the assembly line where different models follow similar line of production. 3. Kanban: since they follow a fixed inventory system once the inventory is withdrawn for further production from the container simultaneously production begins to fill the inventory. While the order is being filled the quantity in the second bin is used. The reorder point is determined so that demand can be met while an order for new material is being processed.
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