Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Universe Pages: 1 (455 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Religions are based on beliefs and they teach us moral lessons that we don't feel of any worth today. I have gone through all the posts made here. Most of us have put forward views contrary to the beliefs. All the religions of the world teach us to have control over our greed, material advancement, material prosperity, aspirations etc. But we are talking about economic growth which is subject to decay. If we peep into all the religions, there is only I mean only one thing is common and that is there is someone who has created the universe and it lasts on his will and wish. We have only bounden duty to act morally. Consequenes of our works or actions rest on his blessings. We all will agree that there is a kind of energy which is the cause of all we see in the universe. Water we drink to fulfill our thist is also an energy which kills us in the form of electricity. Thus everything is energy only. In Hinduism, they talk of three 'Gunas' like "Sattwa, Rajasa and Tamasa". If we see scientifically, they are nothing other than Electron, Proton and Neutron. Brahman constitues of these three. These are the cause of the effect of the universe and all material in it. We don't see electricity generating unless there is a bulb of matter and it cannot express without it. This is the theme on we we all need to work and find out a solution to bring to the light of the people that God is an imaginary thing of mind and he is in the form of source of all energy. The presence of interfaith dialogues is a powerful element that can help to bring about a sense of harmony amongst different modes of religious expressions. I think that the more discourse there is about how religions are the same or share common interests, the greater the chance that harmony can be brought about. Interfaith forums and dialogues are rooted in the idea that disagreements can be understood through discourse and open, public communication. This would serve as a very...
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