Report on the Kind of Issues and Policies (in Relation to Hr) You Would Expect to Find in a Small Expanding Firm

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Human Resource Management

H C B S N C I - Semester 2 – 2011/2012

Individual Assignment

Lecturer: Dermot Killen

Report on the kind of issues and policies (in relation to HR) you would expect to find in a small expanding firm

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Date: 09th April 2012
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Terms of reference3

Issues facing a growing organisation3

The conversion of a small firm into an expanding organisation can be exciting and financially rewarding provided careful thought and planning is given to the process. One key aspect of the transition, that requires careful attention, is that of Human Resources. The demands of human resources, long regarded as one of a business’s most important assets, can be daunting unless the proper knowledge, skill and tools are applied in dealing with the issues and policies that arise in the administration, management, and training of personnel. The kind of issues and policies that are likely to be confronted include the recruitment and induction of personnel, employee training and skills development, remuneration and benefits administration, and the adherence to the relevant government regulations. These topics are scrutinised in this short essay. Terms of reference

As a student of the Human Resource Management module of the Higher Certificate in Business Studies course in the National College of Ireland I was requested, as part of the course, to undertake a detailed evaluation, from a human resources point of view, of the issues and policies one would expect to find in a small expanding firm. Issues facing a growing organisation

Outsourcing of the Human Resource Function (HRM) function
The small or growing firm is usually restricted in terms of the financial resources at its disposal. This gives rise to the first issue facing the small firm in relation to human resources - whether to outsource the HRM function or...
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