Report on the Importance of Adopting the Marketing Concept in the Mauritian Market & the Main Factors to Be Considered to Invade It

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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1. Introduction
2. The Marketing Concept
3. Adopting a societal marketing concept in the Mauritian market 3.1 Ultimate aim of adopting a societal marketing concept
4. Importance of adopting relationship marketing in the Mauritian market Building strong relationship with existing and potential customers Building strong relationship with the employees
Building strong relationship with the suppliers
5. Main factors of the marketing environment to be considered before entering the Mauritian market
Macro Environment
Socio-Cultural factors
Economic factors
Political factors
Legal and Regulatory factors
Technological factors
Natural/Physical factors
Micro Environment
Influence of Suppliers
Influence of Comsurmers
6. Conclusion
• Define marketing
• The Need to adopt the marketing concept
• The marketing concept includes societal marketing concept and relationship marketing
Burger Corporation needs to adopt the marketing concept as it is essentially concerned with
• assessing what the customers really need through marketing research rather than making products and trying to persuade customers to buy
• adopting an integrating marketing approach where all the departments/units of the organisation focus on customers satisfaction with the product or service provided • adopting a marketing oriented concept which is an approach that puts the customers at the centre of everything that firm does

• satisfying the customers profitably while building meaningful long term buyerseller relationship which is, in fact, the ultimate aim of the business organization 3. ADOPTING A SOCIETAL MARKETING CONCEPT IN THE MAURITIAN

The societal marketing concept is a concept that focuses not only on identifying and satisfying customer’s requirement but also by addressing the needs of the society, by preserving or enhancing customer’s and society’s well-being, for examples • Burger King will have to...
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