Report on the Condition of Psychological Pressure of College Students

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Resisting Pressure:
Survey on Chongqing University's Students' Psychological Pressure

Supervisor: Wang Xu
Chongqing University
May 7, 2012

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This survey examined the condition of Chongqing university's students' psychological health.Our main aim is to find ways to deal with the pressure we students face.100 Chongqing university's students were surveyed on both pressure they face and ways they use to deal with that.We predicted that academic pressure,emotional pressure and the pressure of employment can be huge to our students and it's hard for them to deal with that.Actually,pressure from the above three aspects was not that huge for our students,no matter they are science students or arts students,girls or boys.Also,it seems like that our students have their own set of ways to handle these pressure.Still,there are a certain number of students find they struggle to handle pressure from the three aspects,suggesting that Chongqing university's students mainly stay a healthy psychological condition,but there are still things we can do to improve that.

Resisting Pressure: Survey on Chongqing University's Students' Psychological Pressure

Nowadays,with the rapid development of China's economy,psychological pressure more and more appear in newspaper,TV,or someone's life,especially,a university student's life.Many factors can be pressure for a university student.For example,academic grade point(GPA),emotional problems or job-hunting difficulties.After summarizing most pressure factors, we classified them to three aspects:academic pressure,emotional pressure and pressure of the employment.So,how the three pressure source affect university students and how the students deal with that? As to psychological sources of stress for college students, foreign research results are generally believed to include academic factors, social factors, life and economic factors, career factors.[i] For example, Misra's research shows that the Students' largest source of stress are factors that directly related to learning , such as test scores and test results, the burden of learning;The second largest source of pressure are social environment-related factors such as economic problems, lack of time to communicate with parents and friends.[ii]The Armeli group's study shows that students's anxiety caused by the pressure of two aspects;on the one hand, it's high academic expectations that caused them anxious;on the other hand, it is the will of self-development and maintaining good interpersonal relationships contributes to that anxiety.[iii]Domestic scholars found that the pressure sense of college students mostly come from life events when thay are trying to adapt to college life.Severe psychological problems are caused especially by life events which are linked to their personal lives, their parents and family, learning progress , and most of them are negative events.[iv]Li Lun and Wang Qian, according to whose research,they pointed out that the psychological pressure of college students can be summarized into the three categories: pressure from family, work , learning problems ,love and interpersonal problems.[v]Li Hong and Mei JinRong's study indicates that college students' main pressure source including:study,job-hunting,interpersonal relationships,life problems,romance,economy,society,tests,family,life and study environment,future,competence,personal affairs(development,outlook,confidence),health,competitiveness. 15 categories in total.[vi] However,it's not hard to see that the studies which have been done mostly are qualitative analysis .Most researches focused on frequency and type of event that caused pressure,but lack the discovery of the psychological experience of degree research.Therefore, we want to use the college students' psychological pressure gauge as a theoretical basis to provide a scientific analysis of mental health status of college...
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