Report on the Case Study Tata Steel’s Ehtics and Sustainability in the Steel Industry

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Executive Summary
The gender balance group was given a case study into Tata’s contribution to ethical business practices and sustainability to investigate into. The ten (10) member group shared the research questions amongst themselves for effective and efficient exercise. The group researched into the general view of ethical business practices as behavioral moral values and principles that determine our conducts in the business world. It went deeper to expanciate that, this ethics is applied in various aspect of the business’ “life”. These include: production process, employees, customers, shareholders, the government and business competitors. The enforcement of this practice goes beyond the provision of code of corporate ethics. Considering both the public and business perspective of sustainability which goes beyond corporate responsibility to the environmental impact of a business’ operations, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) provides an accurate tool for analyses than carbon footprint of the user phase. This actually takes the true environmental impact of the product from the ‘cradle to the grave’ into consideration. Though this process may be quiet cumbersome, both the business and the environment enjoy a great deal of benefits. Tata contribution towards ethical and sustainable practices is evident in all its activities. It has been able use LCA to produce light metals for the production of cars thereby reducing the amount of CO2 emission.

Steel is a product that is widely used in almost every area of our modern life. It plays a key role in the world’s infrastructure. Tata Steel first established in India is the second largest steel manufacturing industry in the Europe. Its steel products are widely used in the construction industry, aerospace, rail, packaging etc. Tata Steel’s case study into its ethical and sustainability practice was to be addressed by our group - GROUP 27. The group began a series of meetings immediately after its formation. In other to ensure efficient and timely exercise, different tasks were assigned to members and the group leader was unanimously nominated. The questions involved were segmented and given to each member to research on. Data was then collated from various sources and sent the central pull for the preparation of slides and for subsequent presentation on the stipulated date. This report seeks to establish the sources of information for Tata’s ethical and sustainability practices. Key theoretical issues concerning ethical and how a business could use sustainability practice to compete was also given attention to. Since the research was conducted by a group, individuals’ contribution was assessed towards the works completion. Further, my personal observation in relation to the assignment and the knowledge gained were brought to bear. Conclusion from the study was then drawn to evaluate the success or otherwise of the whole exercise.

Sources of Information
The information gathered was from two main sources - books and the internet. Much information was gathered from Tata’s website which gave me much insight into the research. This actually provided me with Tata’s history, competitors, huge Corporate Social Responsibilities, business ethics and core values among others. Other websites gave me the information about a holistic view of business ethics and Life Cycle Assessment as well. In addition a couple of reading materials including books and journals augmented to the profound knowledge of the general view of ethical behavior and sustainability.

Individual Contribution
The research questions ware sub- divided into smaller fragments and each member was assigned a question to research on....
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