Report on Providing an School Internal Shuttle Bus Service

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Report on providing An
School Internal Shuttle Bus Service
In the Singapore Polytechnic

Prepared for

Mr. Tan Hang Cheong
Singapore Polytechnic

Prepared by

Wang Jie
Singapore Polytechnic

3rd July 2008


I would like to thank the following people for their help in the preparation of this report:

▪ Our group members

o Belinda
o Goh Weiling
o Yvonne Koh

I would also like to express my deepest gratitude to the 300 respondents who helped in the completion of questionnaires when the survey was conducted.


1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose
1.2 Background
1.3 Methods of Data Collection
1.4 Scope of Investigation

2. Details of School Shuttle Bus

2.1 Target segment
2.2 Operation hours of the shuttle bus service
. 2.3 Establishing shuttle bus stops
2.4 Cost

3. Research & Findings

3.1 Respondents who need school shuttle bus service 3.2 Existing problems
3.3 Feasibility of shuttle bus service
3.4 Schedule for bus arrival
3.5 Ways of respondents willing to pay for internal shuttle bus

4 Conclusion


The main aim of this report is to present the main ideas of providing Internal Shuttle Bus Service so as to make it more convenient for students to travel around the campus. Data for the report was obtained through a survey, from reliable website sources.

From the survey finding, it was discovered that a huge proportion of the survey respondents travels around SP campus from their own school blocks and the frequency is high. Because of the high frequency of the traveling, majority of the respondents feel that it is inconvenient to travel around the campus on foot, result in late arriving of lessons.

Most of the respondents expressed their interest in using of the internal shuttle bus if there were. On the other hand, for the reasons of those who are not interested in internal shuttle bus, the most popular chosen is that there is no need to provide internal shuttle bus service since the campus is not so large. Money problem is the second most thing respondents take into account.

It can be concluded that having a Football Hub is feasible in Singapore as similar project concepts, albeit on a smaller scale, have already been implemented. The land constraint that is faced by Singapore also makes the idea very practical and appropriate. It is also a lucrative business as Football Hub possesses the ability to generate almost $2 million annually, just from the 2 main revenue sources, which are revenue from the rental of football field and the sale of alcoholic beverages and food at the clubhouse/pub.


1.1 Purpose

This report aims to present the main idea of providing an internal shuttle bus service in the Singapore Polytechnic to the Principal of SP.

1.2 Background

The campus area of Singapore Polytechnic is very big. Since students need to travel to other places from their own school block for GEMS or other activities, it is inconvenient and time consuming by walking. It happened frequently that students were late for school because of the long distance.

There is a need for an internal shuttle bus service. Our group is presenting a report for the consideration of the Principal.

1.3 Methods of Data Collection

Data for the report was obtained through a survey, using the comprehensive questionnaire.

Information was also obtained from Internet, like SP school website and SBS transit website.

Our team went to take bus to gather...
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