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Project on PepsiCo
What PepsiCo offers
PepsiCo is a giant multinational organization which began in 1898. It was in 2005 that it surpassed its competitor Coco Cola in terms of revenue generated. The sole aim of the company is to manufacture and market carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks. It is also important to know that out of the sixteen most selling brands, they own six brands. The various divisions are growing at a sparking rate of 10%, the revenue also recorded a high growth of 8%, the company expanded by 5% and the year 2003 marked the beginning of their extravagant lead. The six brands they sell account for more than a billion dollars. One other important goal or aim of the company is to bring an increase in the number of its quality workforce and hence increase the human capital of the organisation. The most likeable theory to the approach is the integration of various cultures i.e., the understanding level in terms of culture and their views could be increased followed by the study to build healthy relations with them. This also helps build a quality team to serve their needs in the best possible way. The support of locals and also the best from the rest of the globe helps in building a cooperative team with better understanding. Diversity Inc. which analyses the diversity in the various worldwide organisations has ranked Pepsi among the top 50 most diverse workforce in the world thus rewarding them of the efforts they have made to establish such strong ethics. Their CEO also believes that their company represents the most diverse set of workforce which could be seen and advocated by the firms linked to it. The company has also been ranked nine by fortune magazine for their widespread support to the minority employees and workforce. Such achievements are remarkable and also are valid prove of beliefs and ideologies perceived by them. (Pepsi cola international) Internal and External Organisational characteristics

The four pillars to build stronger characteristics in internal and external context are strategic orientation, organisational design, top management and corporate culture. The strategic orientation is planning and subliming the attitudes and beliefs of an organisation. In case of PepsiCo, the belief is to come closer to the customers and extend or diversify their reach to other markets yet not covered. The organisational design is guided by hierarchy headed by the CEO with definite number of departments as discussed earlier in the input and output model of an organisation. The supply, manufacture and sales department along with the finance section and HRM Department form the set of major departments which are unique for every division set up by the organisation. These categorizations help establish better understanding and bring order within the system. The corporate culture is a noteworthy factor related to the issues of job satisfaction, cultural practices by organisations, communication. However, it is difficult for an organisation like PepsiCo to keep the interests of all its community or workforce in consideration, PepsiCo has done well enough. It went on to receive a 100 percent rating on Corporate Equality Index carried out by Human Rights Campaign which is used as a tool that reflects the unbiased attitude shown by the organisation towards its employees, investors and customers. Organisational structure

It was in 2007 that PepsiCo revealed a newer organisational structure. According to the CEO and chairman Indra Noori, the success and resources in terms of manpower the company has generated are growing at a faster pace which is difficult to be managed by only two units. The company had explored major developed and developing markets and hence the company diversified to three units named PepsiCo American Food (PAF) covering the American and Latin American Markets with Frito Lay being the major brand. PepsiCo American Beverages (PAB) is the second unit covering Gatorade, Tropicana and other...
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