Report on Operations Management

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  • Published : November 10, 2005
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Report on operations management
Foreign Affairs Division
Changchun University of Technology

Operations management deals with the production of services and goods in our daily life. It means the process that enables organizations to achieve its aims by efficient use and acquisition of its resources. Every organizations, whether service-oriented or manufacturing, has an operations function. This report would introduce the operations system in Foreign Affairs Division of Changchun University of Technology (CCUT), and analyze its advantages and disadvantages within this system. Finally, some recommendations will be introduced to improve the operations management in this Division.

1. Introduction to background
Changchun University of Technology (CCUT), founded in 1952, is a key university of Jilin Province, China. It is a comprehensive university with majors in Science, Arts, Law, Management, Economy and Education. CCUT boasts a total enrollment of 14,000 full-time students. Currently, the total staff is 1,800.

Foreign Affairs Division (FAD) is one of basic divisions in CCUT. This division is responsible for affairs that include international exchange and cooperation such as communicating with partner organizations or universities abroad, recruiting foreign students, organizing foreign experts to train Chinese teachers. Recently, University Administration in CCUT has decided to focus on training to current teachers. The trainings include a range of programs, for example, Basic English Skills training, Specialized English training. CCUT has arranged specialized English courses for students in different majors, such as ¡®English for International Trade¡¯ in Business school. The trainings aim to improve teachers¡¯ foreign language skills (mainly English) in their teaching. Sometimes, the teachers need training for academic research abroad or academic cooperation with foreign organization. In current stage, the main task of Foreign Affairs Division is to arrange a range of effective trainings to meet these different requirements.

2. The operations management of FAD

2.1 The operations management system
Input to transformation process
In this operation system, FAD employed some experienced Foreign Experts to train the teachers directly, and there are some Chinese staff members who are responsible for organizing and managing the whole training process. These staff members should collect the training needs information and also collect feedback after training; they arrange training equipment during the training process. As trainees, the teachers of CCUT will have training textbooks and the other training information on paper provided by FAD during the training.

The transformation process
This process mainly focuses on customer (the teachers in CCUT or Trainees) processing that are concerned with transforming their physiological state.

Output form the transformation process
The trainees¡¯ foreign language skills are improved after training. It will help them to be competent in their teaching position or research areas. The trainees will have further advice about how to make use of the result of training in practice.

The operations management system model of FAD

2.2 The operations performance objectives of FAD
Foreign Affairs Division serves for ¡®internal customer¡¯- the teachers of CCUT. Operations in Foreign Affairs Division seek to satisfy these ¡®customers¡¯ through developing their performance objectives. Here are some expectations that the teachers in training expect from the output of operations in FAD.

They need high-quality training from qualified staff, which means the teachers after training can satisfy their students and ensure the students learn useful knowledge, or the training can make the teachers be competent in the tasks(teaching or research).

The teachers expect to be trained as soon as possible and the time between...
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