Report on Operation Management: a Case Study of Walmart

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Report on Operation Management: A Case Study of Walmart

Walmart is a giant American retail store that is also considered to be the largest in the world. The store operates numerous international subsidiaries outside the USA, with some of the subsidiaries operating under different brand names (Finne & Sivonen 2009 p. 89). Walmart’s operations have been divided into departments, a total of thirty-five in number, each of which deals with goods and products that are closely related in terms of their use. With thousands of product brands stocked by the retailer, both locally manufactured and imported ones, there is no better way to perfectly deal with planning and efficient operations other than placing similar goods from different manufacturers under the same group. In my stint as an employee at Walmart, I have particularly served as a shop floor attendant in the Back to School department, which mainly seeks to serve millions of parents and their children, together with schools, learning institutions in general, and their members of staff.

The Back to School department mainly stocks items that students require most as they go about their learning activities in school, including uniforms, back packs, stationery, and shoes, together with an assortment of apparel. The department also has a foods section where we stock mainly snacks for children while at school as well as breakfast and lunch essentials, like the packaging containers and utensils. Additionally, the Back to School department also deals in fun and entertainment equipment for the students and pupils while at school. These equipment include mobile phones, MP3 music players, tablets, learning toys, and photos. To the learning institutions and schools, we supply quite a range of equipment and products, such as computers, desks and chairs, both for learners and their instructors, teaching essentials like markers, teaching board erasers, learning charts, among many others. To the esteemed customers, Walmart also offers to ship their ordered supplies for free as a way of maintaining good customer relations.

The Back to School department’s core responsibility, therefore, is to ensure that it serves this market niche in the most unique way so as to maintain it and to further keep it growing to even larger scales. Apart from simply selling items to the customers, the department also offers appropriate advice to parents, teachers, students, and school administrators in general. In endeavouring to ensure the customers get the best services ever in the market, the Back to School department, through the Walmart marketing department, maintains constant communication with their suppliers, informing them of the rightful adjustments they feel will improve performance as a whole. This paper discusses in detail the overall operations of the Back to School department at Walmart Stores. In particular, the paper defines the main operations tasks at the department which target to optimally satisfy their customers and also analyzes the strategies employed to ensure service delivery meets the exact expectations of their customers (Walmart 2012, para 1). Department’s Main Customers

Parents and Guardians
Parents and guardians form the bulk of customers at the Back to School department. For most pupils who are still at their formative stages of learning, it is their parents or guardians who make decisions about what they will buy for their children. Among the parents and guardians, however, they can further be grouped into two categories; those who have had older children through school and therefore know exactly what to buy for the young ones still attending school. This category of parents often rely on what they previously bought for their older children and thus often walk into the Stores with a set mind of what they want to buy for their younger, school going children. Although some of them will still walk into the Stores accompanied by the children they are buying...
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