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Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 4 (712 words) Published: March 4, 2013

Nowadays, more and more people use website (facebook, twitter, weber…and so no) to match

people or meeting friends. It seems that no matter man or woman in modern society, all have an open

attitude about meeting friends online. Then what about find a dating partner online? One research

project reveals that males are much easier to accept finding a dating partner online (one of the largest

matchmaking services, reports registering over 500 people a day, two thirds of which are males

(Neville,1997)), and most of female just want to meet friends.

However that study examined data only from a sample of undergraduate students in U.S.A. This

research wants to find out whether overseas students have the same attitude toward and experience

with online dating as U.S.A.. Also this research project survey that how many males and females will

really face to face the people they meet online.

It can be hypothesis that male overseas student more likely to try to meet people online in order to

find a partner while female are tend to look for friendship.

This result can easily to understand that dating partner online is a trend in U.S.A. male or this

phenomenon extend to the whole world. At the same time, we can observe that whether overseas

females are only want to meet friends online as U.S.A or not.


This research investigated 25 overseas students’ attitude about meeting friends and finding dating

partner online, and which option(friend or partner) is their main purpose when they are using


A total of 25questionnaires were responsed by 13 males and 12 females students in Navitas English

in Sydney, consisted of 12 different nations. This research was surveyed on 10th of Oct. in 2012. The

median age was 23with a range of 19-28. The questionnaire used not only close questions but also

open questions to assess attitudes to meeting friends or partner online....
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