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Table of content
Introduction Part
Introduction of the Report
Mobile Banking Background
Challenges for a Mobile Banking Solution Basic Mobile Banking Technologies Objectives of the Study Methodology of the Report Literature Review
Analysis Part
History of Mobile Banking in Bangladesh History of Mobile Banking in Abroad Features/Mobile Banking Services Advantages of Mobile Banking disadvantages of Mobile Banking Future Prospect of Mobile banking in Bangladesh: Current position of Bangladesh Findings & Recommendations

Findings of the Report
Recommendations of the study
Conclusion of the report
Mobile Banking:
Mobile banking (also known as M-Banking, m-banking, SMS Banking) is a term used for performing balance checks, account transactions, payments, credit applications and other banking transactions through a mobile device such as a mobile phone or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The earliest mobile banking services were offered over SMS. With the introduction of the first primitive smart phones with WAP support enabling the use of the mobile web in 1999, the first European banks started to offer mobile banking on this platform to their customers. Mobile banking has until recently (2010) most often been performed via SMS or the Mobile Web. Apple's initial success with i-Phone and the rapid growth of phones based on Google's Android (operating system) have led to increasing use of special client programs, called apps, downloaded to the mobile device.

A mobile banking conceptual model: In one academic model, mobile banking is defined as: Mobile Banking refers to provision and a ailment of banking and financial services with the help of mobile telecommunication devices. The scope of offered services may include facilities to conduct bank and stock market transactions, to administer accounts and to access customized information. According to this model Mobile Banking can be said to consist of three inter-related concepts: Mobile Accounting Mobile Brokerage

Mobile Financial Information Services
Most services in the categories designated Accounting and Brokerage are transaction- based. The non-transaction-based services of an informational nature are however essential for conducting transactions for instance, balance inquiries might be needed before committing a money remittance. The accounting and brokerage services are therefore offered invariably in combination with information services. Information services, on the other hand, may be offered as an independent module. Mobile phone banking may also be used to help in business given situations: Trends in mobile banking: Over the last few years, the mobile and wireless market has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world and it is still growing at a rapid pace. According to the GSM Association and Ovum, the number of mobile subscribers exceeded 2 billion in September 2005, and now exceeds 2.5 billion (of which more than 2 billion are GSM). According to a study by financial consultancy Client, 35% of online banking households will be using mobile banking by 2010, up from less than 1% today. Upwards of 70% of bank center call volume is projected to come from mobile phones. Mobile banking will eventually allow users to make payments at the physical point of sale. "Mobile contact less payments” will make up 10% of the contact less market by 2010. Another study from 2010 by Berg Insight forecasts that the number of mobile banking users in the US will grow from 12 million in 2009 to 86 million in 2015. The same study also predicts that the European market will grow from 7 million mobile banking users in 2009 to 115 million users in 2015. Many believe that mobile users have just started to fully utilize the data capabilities in their mobile phones. In Asian countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Philippines, where mobile infrastructure is comparatively...
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