Report on Livelihood Programs in Aurora for the Out of School Youths

Topics: Employment, Financial crisis, Higher education Pages: 10 (2178 words) Published: December 3, 2010
Report on
Livelihood Programs in Aurora
for the Out of School Youths

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Mount Carmel College
December 2010





The researcher wishes to express her deepest gratitude and warmest appreciation to the following people, who, in any way have contributed and inspired the researcher for the overall success of the undertaking:

To my adviser for the guidance, support and approval in the duration of the study.
To Kevin and Regine who helped her finish this research paper.
To her friends, who have been unselfishly extending their efforts and understanding.
To her parents who have always been very understanding and supportive both financially and emotionally.
And above all, to the Almighty God, for the love and for the continued guidance and protection.

The Researcher


Table of Contents









Thesis Statement: There are Livelihood Programs for the Out of School Youths in Aurora
I. Definition of Livelihood Programs
II. Reasons why there are Out of School Youths
A. Financial Crisis
1. Increase in Tuition Fees
2. Poverty
B. Pregnancy for Girls and Married Adolescents
C. Family Background
D. Others
III. Programs for the Out of School Youths
A. Program Orientation
B. Trainings
C. Counseling Assistance
2. DTI
3. Other Agency Cooperatives
D. Monitoring and Follow – ups
IV. Effects of these Programs
A. Knowledge
B. Skills
C. Self – Opportunities
1. Self – employment
2. Employment for Private Industry
3. Small Business Industry
D. Employment Increase


Many children nowadays are considered as out of school youths. These are the people, who drop out of school and who are unemployed, usually because of financial crisis and poverty.

It is therefore very important to design livelihood programs in Aurora for the Out of School youths to provide them with skills necessary to make academic, social, spiritual, and emotional progress toward self – sufficiency and become productive citizens in our community.

The paper seeks to answer the following questions: (1) What is a livelihood program? (2) Why are there many Out of School Youths in Aurora? (3) What are the Livelihood Programs and how can these help the Out of School Youths? (4) When will these programs be applied? (5) Where in Aurora should these programs be applied? (6) What are the effects of these programs? And lastly, (7) Who are the persons involved in these livelihood programs, except for the out of school youths?

This research paper will only focus on the out of the school youths in Aurora. The researcher limited this research to the programs for the Out of School youths.

The researcher believes that many Out of School children will benefit from this research. The writer also hopes that the study on Livelihood Programs in Aurora for the out of school youths will be effective.


Livelihood Programs in Aurora for the Out of School Youths

Livelihood programs are specified as a plan or action to achieve a job, work, or any source of income for the youth who do not attend school or who drop out prematurely which misses many of the fundamentals of basic education.

However, many of the OSY have gained rich learning experiences from their environment and culture which need to be recognized, tapped into, and enhanced. Out of school youths may have failed to complete their education in the formal system due to various reasons, such as financial crisis or the situation in which the supply of money is outpaced by the demand for money, hence making it hard for the parents...
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