Report on Investment Marketing; a Case Study on United Leasing Co. Ltd.

Topics: Finance lease, Lease, Leasing Pages: 44 (9630 words) Published: November 10, 2011

The declaration of this report is the submitted document is not published or sent to anywhere or submitted before in any other.

This report contains complete information about the concerned company and the sector I have mentioned. This report is user friendly. The title of the report is relevant with objective and methodology. I tried my best despite the time constraint. I have learned a lot when I was preparing this project paper.

I am thankful to you, as you have allowed me to conduct the internship & to submit the report. I hope that the report will meet the standard and will serve its purpose.

Farjia Tanjim



Certificate of Approval

I am pleased to certify that the internship report on “Review on Investment Marketing: A Case Study of United Leasing Company Limited” conducted by Farjia Tanjim bearing ID No. 052-11-829 of the Department of Business Administration has been approved for presentation and defence/viva-voce.Under my supervision Ms. Farjia Tanjim worked with United Leasing Company Limited as an intern. She completed the work during the Fall-2009 semester.

I am pleased to hereby certify that the data and the findings presented in the report are the authentic work of Farjia Tanjim. I strongly recommend the report presented by Farjia Tanjim for further academic commendations and defence-viva voce.

Farjia Tanjim bears a strong moral character and a very pleasing personality. It has indeed been a great pleasure working with her. I wish her all success in life.


Mr. Siddiqur Rahman
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Business & Economics
Daffodil International University


As, always in preparing a report, there are many people to thank. My gratitude goes to Mr. Siddiqur Rahman, Assistant Professor of Department of Business Administration, Daffodil International University, for preparing this report.

In addition to this, I would like to thank Mr. Abu Baset Osmany, Head of Marketing Dept., Mr. Quazi Nizam Ahmed, Head of Investment Marketing of United Leasing Company Limited, who gave me great support to collect the information.

We also thank our families for their love and support, without their help it was impossible for us to complete this project.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Shamima Akhter, Senior Officer of United Leasing Company Limited and all other employees who are involved that department, who gave me their valuable time to collect and analyze this information and also considering me as an important employee.

Though, all efforts have been made to make the report reasonably comprehensive and better, there still may some mistakes and way in which the presentation can be further improved, my supervisor may help me in the right way and forgive me for such mistakes.

Finally we thank all friend and people who supported us mentally.

Executive Summary

My internship report is based on Investment Marketing on United Leasing Company Limited. At first we need to know what investment marketing is. Investment marketing involves personal solutions that integrate investment management.

The leasing business is flourishing day by day in Bangladesh. This report is to identify the state of the increment of investment marketing sector in United Leasing Company Limited and its impacts on the financing sector of Bangladesh especially in Dhaka city. I wanted to further analyze in the report about some financial details in investment marketing sector as well as other sectors. Leasing at present is working to provide safe and comfortable financing way for people. I have focused on their terms & conditions on their service to customers. Some detailed information about United leasing company is given to get a clear idea about this sector.

I cannot gather all necessary data which are required to analyze the situation of this sector because of confidentiality of information due to the...
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