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  • Published : June 5, 2011
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Report on Interview
Mary White
Rasmussen College

This paper is being submitted on (05, 20, 2011) for Sunshine Richards J211/CJC2400 course at Rasmussen College by Mary White

Report on Interview
This paper will present the results of an interview conducted at a juvenile facility, and elaborate on findings regarding the assessment tool used by the agency by addressing the following questions: 1. What type of interview conducted at the facility?

2. What were the details of the facility?
3. What is the purpose for the assessment tool?
4. How is the tool administered, and what are its challenges? 5. How does this tool impact, on changes or decisions regarding offenders? 6. What is the history of this tool, and any changes?

7. Are there any suggestions for improving the assessment process tool? The following statements are the results of the interview conducted at the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center, located at 101 East Columbia Street, Springfield Ohio, 45502. The interview was taken over the phone with Jan Gualt, and her position is; Placement manager. The instrument discussed was the Youth Assessment and Screening Instrument, or (YASI) for short. The facility houses 50 to 90 youths, and is located in the center of town. Many of the juvenile offender’s are brought there from court to serve detention for crimes committed, or probation violations. All youths are given an assessment, and the assessment toll used is the YASI. During the interview, the following questions were asked by Mary White, and then answered by Jan Gualt. Mary: “What is the purpose for the assessment tool?”

Jan: “The purpose of the YASI is to assess the risk, needs and protective factors in youth populations, and measures both risk and strengths in juvenile populations in with other high risk youths.”(J. Gualt, personal communications, April 24, 2011). Mary: “How is the YASI administered, and what are some of its challenges?” Jan: “This instrument can be...
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